VoIP – What is VoIP Telephone Service in Fort Worth and Dallas?

Fort Worth and Dallas VoIP Sales – What is VoIP for Business??

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Fort Worth VoIP Systems by Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology will allow calls to be facilitated via data networks employing a broadband internet connection. VoIP in Fort Worth takes an analog signal and converts it to a digital signal that can travel over your broadband internet connection. If you are only using a low speed connection such as dial up or an unreliable internet service, then Metro-Tel Business Phone Systems can help you obtain low cost internet broadband plans that will provide high-speed internet service to suit your business telephone needs.

Advantages of VoIP Telephone Systems:
Cost – Fort Worth and Dallas VoIP telephone systems provided by Metro-Tel Communications can offer a SIGNIFICANT savings over traditional analog phone plans and services. Often VoIP services can be “bundled” with your computer data internet service plan. All of your business communications costs can then be grouped together for the best available pricing available – with your choice of numerous Fort Worth telephone and data providers.

Qualilty – Digital signals on a reliable Metro-Tel data network can be of such high quality that sometimes filters have to be added to reduce the hi-fidelity! Can you imagine a digital signal that is almost too good for your customers’ ears to become adjusted to?

Basic VoIP Phone Services – Currently Metro-Tel Business Phone Systems can offer the following basic Fort Worth VoIP services:
• Caller ID with Name
• Voicemail
• Fax Sending / Receiving
• 3-Way Calling
• Call Blocking
• Call Waiting
• Call Forwarding
• Last Number Redial
• 411 Directory Services
• Local Number Portability
• 911 Emergency Services

Phone Number Selection – If you have a Fort Worth telephone number that you have had for years, then more than likely VoIP will be able to allow you to keep your current analog telephone number.

Emergency Calling – VoIP in DFW has the ability to let your business maintain quality safety levels by offering ALL of the local Dallas and Fort Worth emergency contacts services.

Disadvantages of VoIP Telephone Systems:
Connectivity – while the quality of VoIP digital phone systems is amazing, there is always the possibility that when your data service is down from outside sources or reasons, then your VoIP phone system may also be reduced or interrupted by these same outage or overloads.

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VoIP Sales and Service in DFW | Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems

Choosing the right VoIP Telephone System and Hardware for your business can seem like an overwhelming experience. Let Metro-Tel Business Phone System’s experienced sales and consulting staff provide you with a FREE Telephone and Data System evaluation and consult. Contact us through our website or call us in Fort Worth, Texas at 817.831.4436

– The Metro-Tel Team

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