Telephone and Data Cable Installation and Relocation

Metro-Tel provides a one-stop solution for telephone and data cable installation and relocation. Our certified technicians can run all inside plant telephone, computer networking and security data wiring that is needed.

Telephone and Data Cable Installation

When making the investment to upgrade your communications network, you must also have a professional telephone and data cable installation. Believe it or not, your company’s inside plant (telephone and data cabling) can make a big impression on potential customers.

Have you ever been in a local business and you see this:


Good vs Bad Cabling / Inside Plant

A nice properly cabled office jack on the left, shows that your business is organized and that you care about data and communications integrity. A poorly installed communications network can give off a very bad impression to customers visiting your office.

BISCI CertifiedOur technicians are BICSI certified, which is a worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. Metro-Tel can provide your business with a telephone and data cable installation evaluation for free. Relocating your office is another perfect time to call Metro-Tel and get a competitive quote on moving your entire communications network, whether Metro-Tel installed it or not. Troubleshooting and repairing your existing cable network is also a service that Metro-Tel provides. Natural disasters, aging, pests, cable crimping and more can damage your network connectivity. We can repair these issues.

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