Should I rely only on my Smartphone to manage my business communications? FAQs

Relying on your Smartphone to manage your business is like relying on a garden hose to put out a blazing house fire. Customer perception and satisfaction, in general, will be diminished.

Smartphone to manage your business?

Everyone these days has access to a mobile phone, but should you use your smartphone to manage your business? Business News Daily says that:

“While a one-person operation may be able to get away with using just a smartphone, not having a business phone system makes it much more difficult to present a professional image.”

If you a using a smartphone to manage your business, and you have more than 2 employees, then you may want to at least invest in a “Virtual Telephone System“. Continuing to operate with only personal smartphones will prevent your business from having access to professional features like call forwarding, digital receptionists, business level voice mail, email notifications, etc.

The Toshiba CIX 40 is a great digital/VoIP solution with the best of many worlds. You will present a professional and powerful business image, while also having the extreme functionality of VoIP and digital systems – all for a budgeted price.

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