Which phone system is right for my business? FAQs

Here are a few criteria to consider when deciding which phone system is right for your business.

Which Phone System

Deciding which phone system is best for your business communications needs basically comes down to your needs and what resources you have available at the time. Money to invest and cost are usually a priority when determining, but more importantly are your goals and needs.

Every business needs to be able to communicate in a professional and RELIABLE manner. Modern features like Voice Mail, Internet Connectivity, Digital Telephony and programmable systems with forwarding and “speech to text” are becoming the standards for business communication.

Another consideration is what type of staff does your business employ? If you go with a large complicated system then you would need capable IT staff to implement and maintain it. Programming can be technical and not understood by typical office staff.

Local service providers also play a factor. Make sure you are aware of who are your telephone dial-tone providers are. Are they offering older copper cabling, new high speed cable phone connectivity or even high speed internet connections. Knowing this information is one of the most important as VoIP systems require a strong reliable internet

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