Older Legacy Telephone System Service

Legacy telephone system service for your older equipment.

Metro-Tel has the knowledge and experience to assist your old and aging telephones system. In a lot of cases, older equipment is still doing its job and operating well. The only “gotcha” is that either the manufacturer is out of business or you have become a victim of “planned obsolescence”.

Planned Obsolescence in Older Phone Systems

Older Phone Systems Repair and ServicePlanned Obsolescence is a marketing strategy whereby the manufacturer will build a business phone system that by design will become difficult to technically support and/or the phone system’s expansion, replacement or repair equipment becomes unavailable after “x” amount of years (usually 2 -5 years). The manufacturer will usually send you a “Dear John” letter or email saying something like this; “Dear customer, We regret to inform you that we can will no longer offer technical support or replacement parts for your business telephone system and Auto Attendant Voice-mail System as of “x” date. However, we will certainly be happy to sell you a new Business Telephone System that we can support for you. We appreciated you past business and encourage you to call our sales department for a supportable replacement”. Boy, that is cold! And so if you are at the end of your phone system’s obsolescence cycle you may find yourself needing to relocate, reprogram, expand, train or repair your business telephone system / voice-mail system. This ends up forcing you to buy a new business phone system that puts you right back into the same “planned obsolescence” cycle. This occurs time and time again with end users even though their phone system is working perfectly fine! It doesn’t seem fair does it? Metro-tel recognizes the need to support customers that have older phone systems (“legacy”) and so we have accumulated a vast library of Repair Programming Manuals along with a vast inventory of spare Telephones, Central Processors, KSU, Line Circuit Cards, Digital Station Circuit Cards, IP Circuit Cards and Auto Attendant Voicemail Systems. Older Telephone SystemsThe following are older Business Telephone Phone Systems we support..AT&T, Avaya, Cisco, Comdial, Iwatsu, Executone, Lucent, Intertel, Mitel,NEC , Partner, Panasonic, Samsung, Starplus, Toshiba, Omega, Vodavi, Verizon, and WIN communications to name a few.

Please call us at 817-831-4436, or email us and we will answer your older equipment repair or service questions.

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