On Premise and Cloud Based VoIP Telephone Hosting

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems rely on different types of setup. Two prominent types of systems include On Premise and Cloud Based VoIP telephone hosting solutions.

 On Premise and Cloud Based VoIP Telephone Hosting

On Premise Hosted Solution –

This type of VoIP solution is common in small to medium businesses that want to grow and be in control of their telephone system without the monthly recurring costs of a cloud hosted provider. The system hardware usually consists of a “brain” or server style device and the telephones themselves. After the initial setup from a certified vendor, the system should operate for years without a recurring cost unless there is a need to relocate, upgrade number of desk sets or a disaster event occurs. These set ups require an internet bandwidth provider which often this cost is bundled into and serves as your data provider as well.

Metro-Tel specializes in these types of configurations and can provide consulting to evaluate if this is the right type of system for your business.

Cloud Hosted Solution – 

There are numerous providers / vendors for this type of solution. The true “Cloud” hosted solution can be very appealing to many businesses and may be the exact fit that they need. There is little upfront cost and in theory there should be no hassles with installing, maintaining and servicing your phone system. Some Cloud Hosted providers even can be your internet data AND voice provider. This type of system is good if you are planning on rapidly expanding and would prefer your telecom budget to be a fixed number without having to worry about the telephone system working correctly.

BOTH of these options rely solely upon a functioning, high speed internet connection and solid service provider to work correctly. If your internet service goes down – then so does your telephones and voice services. It is often recommended to work with your provider to establish a disaster recovery plan (such as call number forwarding to a cell perhaps) or have a backup internet provider completely in place.

Metro-Tel can come to your business and meet with you to discuss what system will best meet the needs of your company. Let us worry about your telephone system, so you can get back to running your business.

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