Metro-tel is now installing the most user friendly phone system in the world, the ESI Business Phone System.

ESI Features

Straight Forward  Design

ESI phones have been straight forwardly designed to give our customers the best communication experience ever!

One Button Features

No bizarre codes to remember for regular phone features, ESI has made it one touch simple for , transfer, call park, call recording, conferencing, voice mail and Do Not Disturb..


Packed with  state of the art  features that are very EASY to use .

 The ESI phone system talks to you!

Every ESI telephone set has a help/training  button that when pressed  will tell you how to use your phone. No more expensive service calls for training!

Electronic Rolodex

Saving Caller ID names and phone numbers into your personal database is done with the push of a button.

Metro-tels  new customers  are raving how ESI has simplified their business operations and saved them money!



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