How do I Relocate my Fort Worth Business Telephone System

Moving, remodeling or expanding your Business Telephone or Computer System has never been easier than with Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems.

Here is Metro-Tel’s ¬†“OFFICE MOVE CHECKLIST” to ensure that your business move is smooth and hassle free.

  1. Telephone System Analysis:¬†Metro-Tel’s professional service technicians will evaluate your current system location as well your new business site. This will allow you to decide on any telephone system upgrades or services that you may want to incorporate into your new business location.
  2. Logistics Planning:
    • Who are your telephone provider and ISP contacts – as well as new office leasing managers and techs?
    • What computer data networking will need to be completed?
    • How many telephones will my growing business need?
    • What types of cabling services will I need?
    • How many data jacks will I need?
    • Do I need any new hardware to accomplish my business goals?
  3. Relocation and Moving Professionals: Current and new equipment must be packed correctly, handled with care, and installed properly. Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems has YEARS of experience as relocation experts.
  4. Testing: As system “turn-up” approaches, critical TESTING must be completed and documented to ensure that all cabling, hardware and provider responsibilities have been completed according to the Logistics Plan.
  5. System Launch: Metro-Tel requires that a Service Professional is on-site for your new business telephone system launch. Making sure that ALL components of your newly relocated telephone system are operating smoothly and hassle free. Also any system upgrades and new features will be incorporated and training provided as needed.

Metro-Tel will answer and design a plan to complete ALL of your communication and relocation needs. Contact us at 817.831.4436 to let us get started on your Logistics Plan and FREE evaluation today!

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