Do I even need a phone system? FAQs

Do I even need a phone system is a common question among growing businesses in today’s ever changing technology world. Smartphones, digital notepads, laptops and their new “apps” make it seem as though you do not – BUT DO NOT COMPROMISE when it comes to portraying your business as a world class company.

Do I even need a phone system?

The short answer to this question is YES. A resounding definite YES. The goal is to have fantastic Unified Communications projection. “Do I even need a phone system” may seem like a realistic way to save money, bit in the long run you can end up selling your business short.

There are a few telephone solutions that are out there promoting a “Virtual” telephone system and environment. These systems may include features such as call forwarding, company voicemail routing and tracking; however, many of these virtual solutions leave subscribers paying double because of the service fees AND the additional minute overages by your cell service providers.

This solution may work out for a small operation of travelling sales people, but when you want to promote a stable business face with continuity – then investing in a stable and secure system is the way to go.

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