What are Cloud Based Business Telephone Systems?

Buying a Fort Worth or Tarrant County Business Telephone System? Maybe you could benefit from being in the “Cloud”. Let Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems help you decide.


Often times we encounter situations where the “Do-It Yourself” person wants to get involved in things that seem easy to accomplish but in reality are much harder than they seem. Its the mentality that I can fix that plumbing on my own, or change that transmission in my foreign made car. We all have tried it and often times come to the realization that some things are better left to the professionals! When asked if I work on my own car, I always respond with, “I would rather be spending that time making money in my own business than wasting time on my car. Especially when someone else can do it right the first time, and I can be using that time to make sales!”.

Business telephone systems are the same way. New technologies such as Mobile functionality, VoIP and Cloud computing are cutting edge; and most businesses are using these reliable technologies to their advantage. Use it or lose it! Here is a list of a few reasons to consider letting Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems help you decide on Cloud based Telephone systems.

  1. Hold on to your Money – It’s your money, spend it when you need it! The cost of installing and maintaining a cloud based VoIP system is far less than an entire on-site system. Usually you only need a fraction of the start-up cost to install the end user devices instead of phone servers, etc. Use that capital in other aspects of your business.
  2. Monthly Payments –  Business budgets are easier to maintain when it is a set monthly cost instead of unknown telephone usage fees and maintenance costs.
  3. Enterprise System at Base Level Costs – Many cloud based systems can deliver HIGH QUALITY enterprise level features at better rates with these monthly plans. Think big and go big on a smaller budget!
  4. Save on System Upgrades and Maintenance – Cloud based systems are maintained at off-site locations and servers, so when you have a power outage or disaster you can have your calls pre-programmed to be delivered in a number of other ways. Also when the system needs a new software upgrade it becomes a seamless upgrade without down time as a tech installs new software on your on-site system.
  5. Unify your Business Telephone Systems – Cloud based systems can be configured to accommodate multiple locations as if they were all in one building. This is a great feature for businesses with multiple locations!

We hope these few features get your thoughts rolling and allow you to consider giving us a call at Metro-Tel Business Telephone Systems to see if you are ready for a cloud based business telephone system. Metro-Tel has served Fort Worth, Dallas and surrounding areas for decades. So go with a professional who is a partner and not just a provider.

– The Metro-Tel Team

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