Buyer’s Guide for Fort Worth Business Telephone Systems – Part II: Basic Features

Great Business Phone Systems are Critical to your Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas Small Business… Part 2 of 3

New business telephone system buyers are generally not interested in unknown telephone technology jargon and “techno babble”. Most buyers generally may not even notice the difference between one technology and the next, but they are VERY interested whether or not a business telephone system meets their basic communication needs. Metro-Tel Business Phone Systems is an expert at making sure your basic business communication needs are met.

METRO-TEL ConsultantingDr. Kurt Calendar consulting with Jim Sewell, President – METRO-TEL

When technology ceases to be the deciding factor in the decision to purchase a new telephone system, how does a business make the decision to purchase factors or not? Here are some key elements to consider when selecting a Business Telephone System:

• Reliability and Performance
• Outstanding Customer Service
• Ease of Implementation and User Functionality
• System Features
• Cost of Ownership and Price
• Vendor Reputation

After selecting a trusted and experienced telephone vendor, the next step is to select the Basic Telephone System features that your business will need to succeed. The most common set of features desired are as follows:

CALL MANAGEMENT – Basic User Functionality
• Call Back – System to notifies when a busy number becomes clear
• Call Transfer – transfer the ongoing calls
• Call Hold – Place a call on hold and make a second call.
• Call Waiting – Incoming call notification when you are already on a call.
• Call Recording – Allows you to record a conversation
• Do not Disturb – Stops any calls coming to your number
• Direct Inward Dialing – Allows an external call to land on an internal extension
• Call Redirection – Forward calls automatically to another extension
• Speed Dialing – Rapid dial frequently called numbers
• Voice Mail – Callers can leave retreavable messages
• Reminders – Set business reminders for yourself to take action
• Conferencing Features – Conference other extensions
• Paging / Intercom

AUTO ATTENDANT – Voice based menu system functionality
• Automated Answer – Customizable greeting message
• Automated Directory – Extension management and dialing facility
• Music on Hold

• Track usage statistics and details
• Manage network use to minimize costs
• Detailed logs of use for identifying abuse and misuse

Experienced business telephone system vendors, such as Metro-Tel, will help your business easily navigate through these features and help your company decide on what technology and features are right for your company’s budget, ROI requirements and longevity.

These are the examples of Basic Telephone System Features for new buyer consideration. Please continue reading:

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-The Metro-Tel Team

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