Business Phone System FAQ s – Frequently Asked Questions

Business decision makers need access to a Business Phone System FAQ – or frequently asked questions guide. Metro-Tel has provided this handy guide to assist with phone system installations, upgrades and relocations.

Business Phone System FAQ

We have put together this handy list of Frequently Asked Questions for companies looking to purchase, upgrade or relocate / move their business telephone system. There are so many different solutions out there today that finding the right answer can seem complicated. Metro-Tel has discovered that it really comes down to a proper analysis of your business needs.

Do I even need a phone system?

Should I rely only on my Smartphone to manage my business communications?

How do I know which phone system is right for my business?

Which type of businesses use Self Hosted telephone systems?

Which type of businesses use Cloud Hosted telephone systems?

Is a telephone connection on a VoIP system as good as a legacy copper land line?

— Answer: Yes! Advances in fiber optics and new cable ISPs have made internet connections as good or better than traditional phone lines. 

Will my new VoIP telephone system work if my internet goes down?

— Answer: Yes – if you work with your ISP (internet service provider) to ensure that you have a back up phone number for forwarding incoming calls or a complete back up ISP company on standby. Metro-Tel can help with this.

What are the Features of VoIP telephone systems?

Can remote employees gain access to my telephone system features?

— Answer: Yes – this is one of the main features of any new business telephone system.

Keep watch here weekly for more articles and FAQs to be added which will help business owners and decision makers make informed decisions about purchasing a new telephone system to unify their business communications.

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